IPLS Members
United Kingdom - PLG
France - PLCF
Germany - PLCD
Italy HLG
Spain - PLGS
Switzerland – Swiss HLG
Nordics - NPLG
Central Eastern Europe – PLG-CEE
Canada - LSPC


The Pharmaceutical Licensing Group UK was founded in 1984 and was the first of its kind in the UK. The concept was adopted internationally and the other groups within the IPLS were formed.

All our members are specifically involved in business development, licensing, alliance management and technology transfer. This provides an ideal environment for the sharing of best practice and building relationships with potential partners. We run regular events, including conferences, our annual Business Development & Licensing Awards and a number of free workshops and networking evenings.

The PLG also provides a range of comprehensive training courses both live [face to face] and virtual [the FIT Programme] covering all the core competencies required for successful healthcare business development.


PLG membership has representatives from all sectors of the industry including pharmaceuticals, generics, biotechnology, OTC , NGOs and academia. Current member companies number more than 100.


Andrew SM Dean – Chairman

Daniel Thomas – Vice Chairman

Kay Tait – Company Secretary

Bethan Jacobs – Treasurer

Board members:

Keith Buchanan Smith, Toby Richardson, Frances Stocks Allen, Adrian Toutoungi, Campbell Wilson



The Pharma Licensing Club de France was created in 1996 by a group of business development executives from pharmaceutical companies. PLCF develops activities and networking in close collaboration with other European business development groups.

In line with the ever-changing life science landscape, PLCF is open to companies from traditional pharma, biotech, OTC, CMOs and consultants or partners that support our activities.


PLCF represents more than one hundred companies of all sizes, mostly located in France.



Philippe Rozo – President

Eric Moussaud-Fergeau – Vice-President

Stéphane Coutant – Secretary General

Grégory Guedj – Treasurer

Thomas Ducharne – Deputy Treasurer

Michel Sestier – Deputy Secretary

Board Members:

Laurent Stoll, Pascal Auziere, Christian Mally, Isabelle Carroz, Magali Pernot, Tarik Ramdani



The Pharma Licensing Club Germany (PLCD) was founded in 1999 as an organisation for business development and licensing professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries in Germany..

Regular national and international meetings throughout the year offer opportunities for networking, partnering and information exchange on current topics, trends and best practices. In addition, the PLCD offers a comprehensive training programme consisting of business development seminars for beginners and for advanced professionals as well as workshops covering the many aspects of a business development function.


With more than 600 members in Germany and collaborations with the members of similar groups across Europe, Canada and Japan, the PLCD provides a unique professional network for the industry.


Dr. Irina Staatz-Granzer – President

Dr. Ulrich Koch – Vice President

Board members:

Lars Börger, Annika Eicke, Christian Kanzelmeyer, Elmar Schäfer, Dr. Karem Gomaa, Dr. Anna Lisa Picciolo-Lehrke



Italy HLG is an association for licensing and business development activities within the healthcare industry. Our membership includes executives of pharmaceutical, biotech, biomedical and nutraceutical companies as well as CROs and CMOs. We have membership from multinationals as well as medium-small companies and start-ups, which are so important in the Italian healthcare landscape.

IHLG organizes two main events during the year offer networking opportunities and topics of interest. In addition, in 2014 IHLG established an important partnership with the Department of Innovation Management of the University of Pavia, which has led to the development of the Business Development Course. Some of our senior associates serve as speakers, while our more junior members have free access to a great opportunity for high-level training.

Italy HLG is continuously focused on the professional development of its members through a continuous offering of seminars (Market Access, IP, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Devices, Orphan Drugs), and our members have secure access to the relevant presentations and documents.


Current IHLG membership is 140.


Claudia Rinaldi, President

Marina Mele, Secretary

Daniele Maranza, Vice President for International Relations

Daniela Sica, Vice President for Cultural Initiatives

Giorgio Amadori, Treasurer



PLGS is a no-profit organisation whose goal is to bring together business development, licensing and strategic planning professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in Spain.

The PLGS mission is to support continuous professional development and to be a structured source of contacts and networks, through periodic meetings as well as the use of new information and communication technologies.

Since its foundation in 2001, PLGS has grown consistently and enjoyed a high level of participation in all its activities.


Current PLGS membership is over 100 companies in Spain.


President: César de Oza
Vice-president: José Ramón Millán
Vice-president: Helen Nierhaus
Secretary: Pedro Dominquez
Treasurer: Angelo Lorenzo
Spokesperson: Gema Martín
Spokesperson: Alberto Sáez
Spokesperson: Ivet Vall
Spokesperson: Miriam Serrano



Founded in 2001, Swiss HLG is an association of business development professionals, well recognized within the healthcare industry, which provides a unique and inspiring environment for building relationships, sharing best practices and facilitating business interactions.

Swiss HLG works to serve those actively involved in business development and licensing within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industry, and its vision is to build relationships for a better healthcare environment.

As a professional association, Swiss HLG is run by a board elected by the members.


Swiss HLG currently has about 170 members (83% Swiss-based, others from Germany, France, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, USA and South Korea).


Sarah Holland, President

Jean-Marc Séquier, Vice president and Supporter Relations

Christoph Daniel Maier, Secretary

Daniel Spielmann, Treasurer & Memberships

Rachid BenHamza, HLG/PLG External Relations (& President EPLC)

Chris Isler, Swiss HLG membership expansion

Christoph Sarry, Special Projects

Laurence de Schoulepnikoff, Good Partnering Practices

Zaki Sellam, Swiss HLG Start-up Initiatives, Digital Initiative

Helmut Kessmann, Winter Conference Director

Ragip Ziyal, Special Projects

Odelle Madsen, Assistant to the Board



The Nordic Pharma Licensing Group (NPLG) is an informal association open to people engaged in business development and licensing. The purpose of NPLG is to promote networking and continuous professional development among licensing professionals in the pharmaceutical and life science sector.


NPLG has approximately 50 members in the Nordic Area.


Ole Wiborg, Chairman

Jens Aakersø, Treasurer

Board members:

Tara Heitner, Ton Berkien, Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn, Martin Binzer Lind



PLG-CEE is a network of new business development professionals in the pharmaceutical industry with a business interest in Central and Eastern Europe, with the aim to facilitate business collaborations between pharma companies in the countries of the CEE region

PLG-CEE endeavours to become a key networking platform and expertise centre for companies that seek business expansion and collaborations in the €30bn healthcare market of Central and Eastern Europe.


PLG-CEE members form a tightly knit community in order to gain competitive advantage and improve overall business performance.  It is a growing network of driven Business Development professionals who are looking for new partnerships and opportunities as well as professional growth.


Valdemaras Rodzko, President

Bastian Wolter, Treasurer

Jerko Jaksic, Vice President

Anca Dalea, Board Member





Life Sciences Partnering Canada (formerly the Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association) was formed in November 1993, and was subsequently incorporated on July 24, 2000, to fill a need for Canadian healthcare licensing executives. At that time, there was no cohesive body that existed to advance the professional image of business development. The organization was structured with three goals in mind:

  1. to educate and advance professionalism,
  2. to create an opportunity for networking, and
  3. to provide a specific, formal venue in which this could take place.

The association’s accomplishments over the last twenty-seven years include: the magnitude of the improvement in knowledge and professionalism, the increase in the number of deals completed, the creation of greater industry awareness of the business development function, and the establishment, through education, of a baseline of knowledge regarding deal structures.


Starting with the initial eight founding members in 1993, the association has grown from a membership of 27 companies or individual members, to a current membership of 90 companies and 150 individuals.

Members include individuals from all areas of the Life Sciences industry:
Innovative and generic pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, academia and industry service providers.

Board Members

Jeff Doan – President
Michael Bethell – President-Elect

Lyanne Winikoff – Past-President

Tim Hendrickson – Treasurer
Regina Seidel – Secretary


Pete Eccleston, Mike Foorer, Hamed Ghanei, Jessica Lovett, Martin Noel, Neel Patel, Benoit Larose, Ivonne Medina